Male Tears #1

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A cursed relic of our revolting age, Male Tears remixes vintage comic book imagery into a verbo-visual slurry for your shame or amusement: forty pages of thwarted privilege, humiliating failure and unchecked emotions exploding into shocking acts of violence. A necrotic culture's poisoned puke, reassembled into semicoherent word-and-picture format, for easy absorption through all but the densest skulls.

Not recommended for youngsters!

While no mere human could possibly have produced the stories reprinted here, we as publishers must take ultimate responsibility for this cultural artifact and recommend it be withheld from the youngest audiences, unless or until they begin exhibiting Red Pill Tendencies, at which point the frothy slop of their brains has probably curdled and rendered them insensate to the messages contained herein.

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It is a sad fact of our declining culture that your addled and fleeting attention is nevertheless your most valuable asset, and since neither you nor anyone else wants to pay the actual cost of the "content" you absorb like toxins, it falls upon us as publishers to remunerate our labors by "renting" a certain number of pages to the highest bidders, who will take advantage of your captive mind for the purposes of whatever inane commerce they deem worthwhile, allowing our writers and illustrators to abdicate responsibility for all but a vanishingly slim portion of the book you're paying (not enough) money for.